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SecTel Inmate Connection Services

At SecTel we value honest business practices. That’s why we charge very little upon set up and include no activation fee. Additionally, we don’t require you to sign a contract to receive our low cost rates to receive jail calls. This lets you enter into our service on your terms and leave on your terms. For our low $45.98 for 90 day plan rate you get a phone number programmed to forward calls to your personal cellphone or phone of your choice and we don’t bother you.

We Help You Stay In Touch

We purposely made it easy to sign up and start calling with us. We know that each of our customers are busy, honest, and hard working people like us and we don’t want setting up an account and getting started with us to be a hassle for you in any way, shape, or form. Additionally, we provide a top quality postcard sending service that will let you send custom postcards right from our website.

You’ll Save Money With Us, That Is For Sure

You’ll save money by using our service and you’ll love getting calls forwarded to your phone. We’ve helped so many customers save money that we are certain we’ll save you money as well. Long distance jail call rates have exorbitant rates and our service bypasses that whole mess entirely, but don’t take our word for it. Get started with us and see for yourself just how much you can save by getting a local phone number with SecTel. Maintain a long distance jail call forwarding account for as little as $45.98 for a 90 day plan and send postcards for as little as .52 cents each!